What Does Shutterstock Pay Contributors

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Your earnings rate increases as more of your content is licensed. Unknown to most users however Shutterstock has a 6 levels tier system where they pay contributors depending on how much they earn over time meaning the contributor earns between 14 to 40.

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When you sell more you earn more.

What does shutterstock pay contributors. There are 6 separate earnings levels for images and for videos ranging from 15 up to 40. Can I pay by bank or wire transfer. Traditionally a royalty is a fee paid to the author or creator of a work each time a copy of that work is used or sold.

How much will I be paid as a contributor to Shutterstock. As far as making a good amount of money goes as a contributor to Shutterstock youd want to treat it as a legitimate business opportunity and come up with great looking images that people want to use and come up with a lot of them. Shutterstock will initially pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded with a tiered set of raises to 33 cents 36 cents and 38 cents per download as you reach the 500 3000 and 10000 lifetime earning milestones.

However Shutterstock has an awesome Pay As You Go plan so I feel like I can buy the photos I want without. Offsets purpose is to offer high-quality commercial and editorial imagery with simple and clear licensing terms through an. Similar to Image Contributors referral Shutterstock pays you for referring Footage Contributors to the platform.

What is Royalty Free Music. The latest available data released by Shutterstock on how much it has paid to its contributors is from 31 December 2016. Even if an event is held outside for the public that does not mean you can submit the content for editorial use.

You will earn a percentage of the sale price from each licensed download As a Shutterstock contributor you will earn a percentage of the price Shutterstock receives for licensing your content. As you can easily see even hiring it from month to month this plan costs you the same as a small image pack while giving you twice as many images. You will pay each photo between 290 and 490 depending on the extension you choose.

Credentials are obtained from the venue that give a photographer permission to photograph an event Credentials must be submitted and approved by Shutterstock before that content can be reviewed. Once their item goes through the Shutterstock review it is then placed online and people are able to buy it. Earn up to 40 commission each time our customers download your images or videos.

I didnt get in on the ground floor but many would consider 2009 part of the Industries good Old Days. Before the announcement of the new earning structure Shutterstock contributors were able to earn more based on their lifetime earnings. The other small plan is for 50 downloads a month.

OFFSET on Shutterstock Premier FAQ. The payment cycle for Shutterstock contributors is set up on a monthly basis. Payments are sent according to the settings indicated in the contributor account at the time that the payment was calculated.

We have more than 340 million images as of June 30 2020. Credentials may still be required. Created by Shutterstock Offset is a new site showcasing an entirely new collection of images.

The license and subscription used for each download and your earnings tier. 115 million paid out over the course of the year. While most contributors are reticent to talk numbers I will tell you that I have made well over 25000oo from microstock since I started in 2009.

Shutterstock has paid over 1 billion to its contributors. Sell content The Shot List Mobile app. Shutterstock contributors earn royalties every time one of their approved images is downloaded by a customer.

Buyers subscribe on a monthly basis and can download up to 750 images over the course of 30 days. With the exception of the weekly free photo and free vector all content available at Shutterstock is royalty-free but has an associated cost. Payments are calculated at the end of every month for contributors who meet their minimum payout amount and are eligible to receive payment.

The amount of payment is based on a couple of things. Does Shutterstock have a customer referral program. For the first year after a footage contributor signs up via your referral link and approved by the platform you will earn 10 of the sale price each time one.

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