Record Scratch I Bet You're Wondering

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Discover more posts about record-scratch. Thats me I bet youre wondering how I ended up in this situation.

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As a result this is often used as a sound effect in movies for comedic effect.

Record scratch i bet you're wondering. I bet youre wondering how I got myself into that situation. Wen ning voice yep thats me i bet youre wondering how. The record scratch meme of course was another comedic device used to stop action to focus on something embarrassing someone said.

Right now I bet youre wondering how I got here huh – 186064839 added by treefox at Penis theft. On December 19 2010 Robot Chicken. This means youre free to copy and share these comics but not to sell them.

I bet youre wondering how I got myself into that situation 258 PM Feb 1 2021. RECORD SCRATCH I bet youre probably wondering how I got here. Star Wars Episode III aired with the opening sketch having the first known instance of Record Scratch Freeze Frame that was accompanied by the song Baba ORileyIn the sketch Emperor Palpatine is thrown into the death.

Record scratch freeze frame Yup thats me. The trope Record Scratch Freeze Frame can be found in many movies and is all-around a well known cliché. Youre probably wondering how I got into this wacky situation.

Log in Sign up. There would be a record scratch and a freeze frame of the characters face followed by the character saying something like Youre probably wondering how I got here only for the story to rewind and explain from the beginning. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 25 License.

Wen ning voice yep thats me i bet youre wondering how. The noise referred to as a record scratch can be caused by someone attempting to stop a records play by dragging the stylus across the radius of the record or by stopping the discs rotation with ones hand opposing the turntables rotation. That common thing where someone is in a loud room like a club then the music suddenly stops and they are still shouting something embarrassing aloud.

As Axio looks up theres a record-scratch sounds the frame freezes and a voiceover says. Record scratch freeze frame. Youre probably wondering how this meme came to be.

Record scratch freeze frame Yep thats meI bet youre wondering how I got in this situation popular memes on the site ifunnyco. Know your meme traces record scratch freeze frame back to a 2015 4chan postA user. I cant think of a classic example off the top of my head but Deadpool did a parody of it if memory serves.

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