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Except as otherwise expressly provided under and subject to a Licensing Agreement or these Terms and Conditions of Use you shall acquire no right to use and shall not use the name Disney either alone or in conjunction with or as a part of any other word or name any depictions of the Walt Disney World Resort or any part thereof or any fanciful characters designs trademarks trade names copyrighted. The copyrights give Disney the exclusive right to use the characters.

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Is the name disney copyrighted. Even assuming there is no trademark for that name youd be stepping so close to the bounds of passing off your goods as a Disney associated product that Disneys lawyers will undoubtedly find some reason to file a lawsuit and challenge your war chest to see who is right. Disney Is Reportedly Shutting Down Etsy Vendors Who Are Selling Unofficial Baby Yoda Toys Sellers faced action for using trademarked terms like The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda By. Under current copyright law in the US in most cases you must obtain permission from the copyright or trademark owner if.

Including the name as a part of a domain name is a very bad idea — even if your own attorney concludes that such use is a lawful nominative use of the name. Additionally trademarks cover the names Disney uses in its marketing. Well at least a little bit.

Disney protects its characters with trademark and copyright registrations. For example Disney can prevent others from using Elsa a character from Frozen in other movies TV shows or books. Copyrighted characters created by Disney Nintendo and Nickelodeon are often requested as decorations for kids birthday cakes and trademarks from designer purse manufacturers and sports teams are a common sight on cakes for weddings and other events.

Waltograph is the name of a freeware typeface based on the lettering of the The Walt Disney Company logotype. There is a lot of very valuable information on the comments so I summarized them very shortly here to keep this question from being marked as unanswered. Several versions exist some under its original title of Walt Disney Script.

Some Disney movies are protected others are not. The typeface is not as many assume based on the actual. Frank Baum this one is super convoluted source You are able to use ANY of these names and themes.

In all seriousness yes that is most likely a copyright violation. When Mickey Mouses copyright protections finally expire in 2023 Disney will still own no fewer than 19 trademarks on the words Mickey Mouse While a copyright prevents creative works from being used without the permission of the rights holder a trademark protects words phrases and symbols used to identify the source of the products of services. So Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a registered trademark forjust about everything but including movies.

On January 1 2024 well see the expiration of the copyright for Steamboat Willieand with it Disneys claim to the films star Mickey Mouse. Disney holds numerous copyrights and trademarks that restrict the use of the names and images of its characters. My business partner and I own a Wedding Planning company and would like to name some of our packages after Disney Princesses but we arent sure if the names are trademarked or copyright protected.

Its more in the spirit of festive decoration than using the Disney name-dave. Walt Disney World Footage Inquiry and include contact name and phone number. A trademark protects a brand name while a copyright protects an original work such as a movie or book.

Disney long one of the fiercest and most powerful defenders of strict intellectual property control has learned how to let copyright go. However as long as they dont bill it as the Disney Room I doubt Disney will have much to say about it. We would only be using the names.

Likewise theyve named characters such as the dwarfs so theres a good chance that using those names would be trademark infringement as well. We would not be using any of the princess images. Winnie The Pooh is a Disney copyrighted character and as such cant be used for commercial purposes without acquiring the proper rights for it.

But when in doubt dont use Disney titles as they are typically copyrighted. Disney has copyright over the Jungle Book and Little Mermaid your best bet would be to search a trademark database. Sleeping Beauty written in 1697 note Disney named her Aurora her original name was Briar Rose or Talia and her daughter was Aurora source Snow White written in 1812 by Grimm Brothers source Wizard of Oz written in 1900 by L.

The copyrights to Superman Batman Disney. Yes the name Walt Disney functions as a trademark and forms part of many other trademarks eg Walt Disney World Walt Disney Signature Walt Disney Records and others. The owner of a trademark or copyright registration for a fictional character can prevent.

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