How To Make Money In Stardew Valley Early Game

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Plant your crops then fish for money. Well theres technically no quick way to rake in the gold in Stardew Valley but there are a few things that you can do to usher the cash into your account a little faster.

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Once youve typed in your desired amount of money simply click FileSave on the top left and youre ready to launch the game.

How to make money in stardew valley early game. One of the biggest keys to success in Stardew Valley is to set your priorities correctly. Gather all and any money you can get. The plan for day 1 is simple.

Plus those expensive crops generally make great gifts and can be used in the Grange and Luau festivals so its worth keeping at least a small patch of the farm for them rather than devoting the whole space to cash. Regardless of what youre doing the game does a great job of rewarding you for your time. Making money in Stardew Valley is simple.

Get sprinklers and use the extra energy and time to go to the. In Stardew Valley there are tons of ways to make money. Final Notes Once you launch the game and go to select a new game to load it will show that your character has the same amount of gold as when you last saved but when you click on them and start the world the money will update to however much you typed.

Farming More than 1 day3. But not every fish is created equal it seems as some are worth much more than others. Buy the first backpack upgrade.

Make a chest deposit unnecessary stuff and go into the world with a hoe axe pickaxe and a scythe the axe and the pickaxe will allow you to enter the two fiber spots in the town. Early in the game many turn to fishing to make a quick bit of cash since its a reliable and fairly easy way to earn some money while other methods are not yet unlocked. Start the day by picking up the starter parsnips then cut trees until you hit foraging level 1.

How to earn money quickly in the early gameBest Daily Earnings1. Invest in crops. Fix the bridge at the beach and check it daily and sell the crap you find.

Consider throwing in some of the high-value crop as well — theyre not as efficient in pure money terms but with the right perks you can make a LOT of money off each harvest. Shells coral etc Use any energy left over after watering plants to do the mines. Wasting even one hour of time means you werent making money during that.

Selling all but one of your parsnips seeds at the start for potatoes is a great strategy to make a little extra money right at the beginning of the game.

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