How To Add Money In Dank Memer

Dank Memer in bot commands channel. We are excited to see you there.

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_ Minecraft Emotes.

How to add money in dank memer. Currently this server is starting to grow. Working will mark off 60 minutes of a players daily quota which they must complete each day or face being fired. Car Crew Meetups.

I tried everything if you get my money it will make my day. GTA Warzone Gang has a mix of. I had 60480 money in dank memer now I had 60480 money in dank memer now its gone nobody has done anything in discord.

Come and join this server and make sure to read the rules so you will not break a single rule. Jobs are roles that a player can take on in Dank Memer. Players can view their job statistics with pls work info resign from their current job by saying pls work resign and apply.

Chill minecraft community 247 active chats premium dank memer bot non-toxic frequent nitro give-aways come stop by. They can earn money for working pls job or pls work but they can only do so every 1 hour.

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