How Much Money Did Ludwig Make During The Subathon

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While much of Ludwigs content has typically revolved around video games he loves speedrunning Mario 64 he has diversified include non-gaming subject matter. This is thanks to the interesting structure of the stream which ran on a constant countdown that could be extended by 10 seconds for each subscription received which cost 5 each.

Ludwig Subathon Tracker Ludwigahgren

Ahgren has maintained a near constant livestream of his life.

How much money did ludwig make during the subathon. Ludwig While we dont know the exact numbers we may safely assume that subathon earned Ludwig an insane amount of money. No matter how much or how little he makes off this subathon Ahgren will remain a rich person who takes a chunk of his money directly from people who are poorer than him. Over the past five days Mr.

I slept eight hours a day ate three meals a. He made a lot but hes giving like 300k to charity and like 160k to his mods. In just ten minutes the streamer raked in over 20000 not accounting for Twitchs cut.

This is currently the highest All-time subscribers by any streamer narrowly beating Ninja who had an all-time high of 269154 subscribers. At that point Ludwig will reach his 31-day streaming limit. How many Subs did Ludwig receive during his Subathon.

While that sounds like a healthy payday for Ludwig he will only see a small slice of that figure. How much money Ludwig earned from subathon and what hell do with it. In fact he stated that half of the money he earned during the subathon will be donated to charity but he is yet to decide to which organisations he.

25 Viewer Streamer 12 Hour Subathon 9. Thats well over half of Americas median income as of 2019. Ludwig Ahgren who goes by his first name on Twitch is now the most subscribed to channel on the entire platform.

Smash the like and sub for more videosCredit. 40 Viewer Streamer 12 Hour Subathon 14 Earned. According to community statistics the total amount of money spent by viewers on subs bits and media share during the Subathon totals 1322500.

As Ludwig tries to make it to a full month of consecutive streaming hes pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Over the past 31 days Ahgren. With this information Ludwig.

Its been clear that Ludwig made a lot of money during his subathon as he managed to break Ninjas subscriber record toward the broadcasts end. And thats not even counting if he has any sponsors made any money from youtube views during that time and twitch ads which pay a lot more than youd think if you have an exclusive contract idk if Ludwig already has one or not 7. After becoming obsessed with Chess Ludwig.

Twitch streamer Ludwigs subathon has finally ended after three weeks. Ive never been so consistent with my working out. Ludwig Ahgren started an endless Subathon just over a month ago expecting it to last maybe a day or two at most.

Around 60k people are watching Ludwig sleeping and relaxing Picture. This did not happen at all. With Twitchs cut income and California state taxes payments to his mods expenses for the stream and his charitable donations all taken into.

Still ludwig has confirmed that he will not keep all the money for himself. By the end of the stream he had over 280000 subscribers. HttpswwwtwitchtvludwigTheres no ads on these videos and I do it for fun if you feel like supporting me.

Ludwig to donate subathon streams final day. This includes but is not limited to spending tens of thousands of dollars during online auctions hosting Twitch-sponsored game shows and ranking every item on the Taco Bell menu. Ludwig becomes most subscribed Twitch channel breaks 100k subs.

Ludwig Ludwig was live on Twitch 247 for a month straight during his subathon stream. Ludwigs Total subscribers for the Subathon was 283066 according to Twitch Tracker. Ludwig said that if he would do this for a full year it would earn him around 13000000 usd before he pays taxes.

Currently over 250000 from subs alone not counting. The Twitch Livestream Subathon. Whether or not this is cheating is more semantics than anything else but it is helping him bring in a lot of extra money.

Ludwig Ahgren has more than 282000 paying subscribers after a month-long Twitch subathon. Check out his Twitch stream which is still. Fans have been compiling the data on Ludwigs sub-a-thon and at this time the amount of money earned from subs bits and media shares is an astonishing 424071 USD.

While the total amount of money made from the subathon will likely be over 500000 USD or even much more Ludwigs cut after charity mod salaries Twitchs cut and more will likely be in the 10000 USD range. The stream ended at 12AM ET on Wednesday April 14th after viewers kept it alive much longer than anticipated. During a recent stream Ludwig used a viewer-made spreadsheet that has been recording all the data for the subathon to give an estimate on the total money earned.

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