How Does Bandcamp Pay You

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Next link your PayPal Business account to Bandcamp. I lost my cart.

Always Taking A Positive Lead In The Underground Music Community Bandcamp Recently Made A Statement Pledgi Independent Music Music Promotion Underground Music

What should I do.

How does bandcamp pay you. Can I see prices converted to my local currency. Payments for digital items are processed first by Bandcamp and paid out to your PayPal account 24-48 hours later. Independent musicians detail how Bandcamp is putting money in their pocket in a more meaningful way than Spotify Apple Music and YouTube.

Credit card checkout is available for digital and some merch purchases made in British pounds US Canadian and Australian dollars Japanese yen and euros. Sadly this increased access to music didnt come with many benefits for the musicians themselves. My card was declined.

And thats really as it should be since the most effective price just isnt the same for every artist and you know your fans better than anyone. For digital albums of seven tracks or more most artists will maximize their earnings by charging 7 USD. Bandcamp takes 10 revenue shares on physical items and 10 to 15 on digital purchases with artists paid daily.

Depending on your credit card provider you may not be able to complete your purchase in all of these currencies. In general artists receive 80-85 of every dollar a fan spends. How do I contact an artist or label.

In other words we only make money if you make a lot more money. According to BandCamps website fans pay more than the amount requested a whopping 50 of the time which goes to show what a supportive community this platform creates. No Bandcamp only makes money when artists make a lot more money and we like to keep our interests aligned with the artists we serve.

This alignment of interests is core to who we are and the greater mission we serve. On the Select Payment Solution page choose the free Standard tier it has all the features youll need to sell your music through Bandcamp and just like the other two tiers it will allow your fans to pay for your music with a credit card as opposed to requiring them to have their own PayPal account. If you havent set one up yet head over here.

1 you tell your fans youre on Bandcamp many of whom are likely among the millions already using the site 2 they follow you which means we automatically notify them when you add new music or merch 3 you add a release they buy it and we notify their followers about their new purchase via email and the music feed 4 your release appears in every buyers public collection. In addition to the revenue share that Bandcamp collects payment processor fees apply to all transactions processed on your account. Heres how it works for digital sales.

My card was declined but you still charged me. How do I see the cost of shipping to my location. It works like this.

In just nine days the company paid their musician users a reported 40 million. Paying with a credit or bankdebit card. Where do I enter my discount code.

Though Michael Myerzs and White Mysterys testimonials have their donations falling short of Bandcamps claim that 40 percent of name your price downloaders pay for the music both are examples of why name your price is a viable option for new and established acts. Cards accepted are Visa Mastercard American Express and Discover. Ive really fallen in love with BandCamp as a source if digital downloads.

Many BC artists are now setting a minimum price 7 for a whole album for example and allowing the purchaser to pay more if desired. Bandcamp gives artists press and fans access to customisable music players to embed online. Part of what makes Bandcamp Bandcamp is that you not some corporate behemoth set your own pricing.

When I buy something on Bandcamp is the artist Im trying to support receiving just a fraction of a fraction of what I pay. For transactions greater than or equal to 807 the transaction fee is 19 030 when your fan uses PayPal 29 030 when paying with a gift card and 22 030 when your fan uses a credit card. The proof is in our business model.

Instead of purchasing music and only listening to your collection you can pay a monthly fee for access to an almost unlimited amount of music with only a few taps. Higher-value purchases like a track that sells for 500 are manually. Throughout 2020 Bandcamp held nine of these Bandcamp Days in which for 24 hours they waived their standard cut of 15 on all music sales and 10 on all merch.

Set your price keeping in mind that Bandcamp takes a 10 to 15 cut depending on 1 how much youve made in sales and 2 whether the transaction involves music or merchandise. The Discover area of the website is also a great space for gaining exposure. The majority of accounts on Bandcamp use our Standard Payments system.

I often pay a few dollars more if the suggested price is below 10. Under Standard Payments payments for digital and physical items are processed separately. Choose your PayPal Business account type.

How do I request a refund. When a fan buys something on Bandcamp an average of 82 of the money goes to you and the remainder covers our revenue share and payment processor fees. That said we have the advantage of a metric crap-ton of data and that data tells us a few things.

For Myerz the distinct possibility that listeners will use this service without donating was canceled out by the chance that. For comparison while Spotify is popular with listeners for its extensive. On the Select Payment Solution page choose the free Standard tier it has all the features youll need to sell your music through Bandcamp and just like the other two tiers it will allow your fans to pay.

Seems like the right thing to do – in my muddled mind anyway.

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